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Weidmuller AMC 2.5 2434340000 Terminal Block

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Weidmuller AMC 2.5 is A-Series terminal block, dark beige,order no. is 2434340000.

Weidmuller’s A-Series terminal blocks,increase your efficiency during installations without compromising on safety. The innovative PUSH IN technology reduces connection times for solid conductors and conductors with crimped-on wire-end ferrules by up to 50 percent compared to tension clamp terminals. The conductor is simply inserted into the contact point as far as the stop and that’s it – you have a safe, gas-tight connection. Even stranded-wire conductors can be connected without any problem and without the need for special tools.

Safe and reliable connections are crucial, especially under harsh conditions, such as those encountered in the process industry. PUSH IN technology guarantees optimal contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications.



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    Weidmuller’s A series terminal blocks characters

    Spring connection with PUSH IN technology (A-Series)

    Time saving

    1.Mounting foot makes unlatching the terminal block easy

    2. Clear distinction made between all functional areas

    3.Easier marking and wiring

    Space saving design

    1.Slim design creates a large amount of space in the panel

    2.High wiring density despite less space being required on the terminal rail


    1.Optical and physical separation of operation and conductor entry

    2.Vibration-resistant, gas-tight connection with copper power rails and stainless steel spring


    1.Large marking surfaces make maintenance work easier

    2.Clip-in foot compensates for differences in terminal rail dimensions

    General ordering data


    Order No. 2434340000
    Type AMC 2.5
    GTIN (EAN) 4050118445022
    Qty. 50 pc(s).

    Dimensions and weights


    Depth 88 mm
    Depth (inches) 3.465 inch
    Depth including DIN rail 88.5 mm
    Height 107.5 mm
    Height (inches) 4.232 inch
    Width 5.1 mm
    Width (inches) 0.201 inch
    Net weight 24.644 g

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    2434340000 AMC 2.5
    2434370000 AMC 2.5 800V

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