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Weidmuller WDU 2.5 1020000000 Feed-through Terminal

Short Description:

To feed through power, signal, and data is the classical requirement in electrical engineering and panel building. The insulating material, the connection system and

the design of the terminal blocks are the differentiating features. A feed-through terminal block is suitable for joining and/or connecting one or more conductors. They could have one or more connection levels that are on the same potential or insulated against one another. Weidmuller WDU 2.5 is feed-through terminal, screw connection, 2.5 mm², 800 V, 24 A, dark beige,order no.is 1020000000.

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Weidmuller W series terminal characters

Whatever your requirements for the panel: our screw connection system with patented clamping yoke technology ensures the ultimate in contact safety. You can use both screw-in and plug-in cross-connections for potential distribution.Two conductors of the same diameter can also be connected in a single terminal point in accordance with UL1059.The screw connection has long been an

established connection element to meet exacting demands in terms of reliability and functionality. And our W-Series is still setting standards.
Space saving, Small W-Compact" size saves space in the panel,two conductors can be connect for each contact point

Our promise

The high reliability and variety of designs of the terminal blocks with clamping yoke connections make planning easer and optimises operational safety.

Klippon@ Connect provides a proven response to a range of different requirements.

General ordering data

Version Feed-through terminal, Screw connection, 2.5 mm², 800 V, 24 A, dark beige
Order No. 1020000000
Type WDU 2.5
GTIN (EAN) 4008190099633
Qty. 100 pc(s).

Dimensions and weights

Depth 46.5 mm
Depth (inches) 1.831 inch
Height 60 mm
Height (inches) 2.362 inch
Width 5.1 mm
Width (inches) 0.201 inch
Net weight 7.59 g

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