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Weidmuller WDK 2.5 PE 1036300000 PE Earth Terminal

Short Description:

A protective feed through terminal block is an electrical conductor for the purpose of safety and is used in many applications. To establish the electrical and mechanical connection between copper conductors and the mounting support plate, PE terminal blocks are used.They have one or more contact points for connection with and/or bifurcation of protective earth conductors.. Weidmuller WDK 2.5 PE is PE terminal, double-tier terminal, screw connection, 2.5 mm², 300 A (2.5 mm²), green/yellow, order no.is 1036300000.

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Weidmuller Earth terminal blocks characters

The safety and availability of plants must be guaranteed at all times.Careful planning and installation of safety functions play a particularly important role. For personnel protection, we offer a wide range of PE terminal blocks in different connection technologies. With our wide range of KLBU shield connections, you can achieve flexible and self-adjusting shield contacting and ensure error-free plant operation.

Shielding and earthing,Our protective earth conductor and shielding terminals featuring different connection technologies allow you to effectively protect both people and  equipment from interference, such as electrical or magnetic fields. A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off our range.

Weidmuller offers white PE terminals from the ”A-, W- and Z series“ product family for systems in which this distinction should or must be made. The colour of these terminals clearly indicates that the respective circuits are exclusively to provide functional protection for the connected electronic system.

General ordering data

Version PE terminal, Double-tier terminal, Screw connection, 2.5 mm², 300 A (2.5 mm²), Green/yellow
Order No. 1036300000
Type WDK 2.5PE
GTIN (EAN) 4008190297565
Qty. 50 pc(s)

Dimensions and weights

Depth 62.5 mm
Depth (inches) 2.461 inch
Depth including DIN rail 63.5 mm
Height 69.5 mm
Height (inches) 2.736 inch
Width 5.1 mm
Width (inches) 0.201 inch
Net weight 17.62 g


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