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Weidmuller SNAP IN connection technology promote automation



Weidmuller, the global industrial connection expert, launched innovative connection technology - SNAP IN in 2021. This technology has become a new standard in the connection field and is also optimized for future panel manufacturing. SNAP IN enables automatic wiring of industrial robots


Automation and robot-assisted wiring will be key to future panel manufacturing

Weidmuller adopts SNAP IN connection technology
For many terminal blocks and PCB connectors
PCB terminals and heavy-duty connectors
Automated wiring adapted to the future

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Why SNAP IN can adapt to robot operation


When using Weidmuller's SNAP IN connection technology, there is no need to prepare wires and the required insertion force is very small. No special tools are required for manual or automatic wiring. The family-owned company based in Detmold, Germany, has also designed acoustic and visual signals when a wire has been successfully inserted – essential for successful automated wiring in the future.

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SNAP IN provides an audible and visual signal when a conductor has been successfully inserted – essential for future automated wiring

In addition to its technical advantages, SNAP IN offers a short, cost-effective and process-reliable solution for automated wiring. The technology is extremely flexible and can be adapted to different products and panels at any time.

All Weidmuller products equipped with SNAP IN connection technology are delivered to the customer fully wired. This means that the product’s clamping points are always open when it arrives at the customer’s site – no need for time-consuming opening thanks to the product’s anti-vibration design.

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Today, wiring is fast, safe and easy


SNAP IN enables installers and equipment manufacturers to perform the wiring process more efficiently. For example, the often time-consuming crimping procedure is no longer required. Even flexible conductors without wire end ferrules can be easily wired using SNAP IN. The installer can effortlessly insert the stripped thin strands of conductor directly into the connection point. As soon as the wire is inserted, the pre-clamped coupling points trigger and close quickly. This speeds up workflow while effectively saving resources and materials.

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Fast, easy, safe and adaptable to robotic operation:

SNAP IN is ready for automated production processes.

Post time: Feb-02-2024