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Weidmuller Receives the 2023 German Brand Award


★ "Weidmuller World" ★ Receives the 2023 German Brand Award


"Weidmuller World" is an immersive experiential space created by Weidmuller in the pedestrian area of Detmold, designed to host various exhibitions and activities, enabling the public to understand the various innovative technologies and solutions offered by the company specializing in electronic devices and electrical connections.

Good news has come from the Weidmuller Group headquartered in Detmold: Weidmuller has been awarded the prestigious industry accolade, the "German Brand Award," for its brand management. The German Brand Award highly praises "Weidmuller World," recognizing it as a paradigm of successful brand strategy and an embodiment of pioneering spirit in breakthrough and innovative brand communication. "Weidmuller World" provides the public with the opportunity to experience firsthand the technology, concepts, and solutions offered by Weidmuller, earning it the 2023 German Brand Award in the category of "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation." The space expertly presents the Weidmuller brand philosophy, showcasing the pioneering spirit ingrained in the DNA of Weidmuller's corporate identity.

"In 'Weidmuller World,' we showcase various key technological innovations that drive a sustainable future. We have transformed this place into a communication hub, aiming to ignite public enthusiasm for innovative technology through this experiential venue," stated Ms. Sybille Hilker, spokesperson for Weidmuller and Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Corporate Communications. "We deliberately employ a novel and creative approach to communication, engaging with interested visitors and demonstrating that electrification is an indispensable part of the future."


Ms Sybille Hilker, Weidmuller Spokesperson and Executive Vice President Global Marketing & Corporate Communications, is pleased with the positive feedback Weidmüller Welt has received

★ German Brand Award ★ Celebrating Outstanding Brand Management


The German Brand Award acknowledges successful brand management by companies and brands. Since its introduction in 2016, the German Brand Award has become one of Germany's prominent accolades for brands. The annual award is organized by the German Design Council. Established in 1953 upon the initiative of the German Federal Council, the council has been committed to promoting the role of design and brand management in business success and is one of the world's leading institutions in branding and design.

The jury of the German Brand Award recognizes outstanding brand strategies, sustainable brand development, and innovative brand communication. It acknowledges companies that have successfully achieved brand promotion through brand management, playing a significant role in promoting Germany's economic growth.


Furthermore, Weidmuller has also showcased solutions in automation, electrification, and renewable energy generation.

Post time: Aug-11-2023