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Weidmuller new tool products, KT40&KT50

Make disconnection more convenient and connection smoother

it's coming,

   it's coming,

They come carrying the crystallization of technological innovation!

They are Weidmuller's new generation of "disconnection artifacts"

——KT40 & KT50 cord breaking tool!

Make disconnection more convenient and connection smoother!

What are the characteristics that make KT40 & KT50 so powerful?


★ Can be operated with one hand, making work easier

KT 40 & KT 50 wire-breaking tools are a new generation of mechanical ratchet cutting tools developed by Weidmuller based on in-depth insights into market needs, combined with years of professional experience and technological innovation. This tool is smaller in size and can be operated with one hand, which greatly facilitates engineers' operations in small spaces or complex environments.

★ Ingenious design, labor-saving and efficient

KT 40 & KT 50 wire cutting tools are suitable for cutting copper and aluminum wires. With the excellent leverage ratio and cleverly designed ratchet device, the operation is easy and labor-saving. Engineers can easily handle wires of various hardnesses and improve work efficiency.

★ Release the self-locking state at any time

During the operation, no matter what position the movable jaws of the KT 40 & KT 50 wire-breaking tools are in, the self-locking state can be released at any time, ensuring the safety and convenience of operation, and making engineers feel more at ease when working!

German quality, full warehouse stocking, more timely delivery

Quality is Weidmuller's bottom line, and the quality of KT 40 & KT 50 wire breaking tools is also unquestionable. Currently, both products have been stocked in German warehouses, ensuring that customers around the world can quickly have them.


As a pioneer in industrial connection, Weidmuller has always been committed to providing excellent solutions to customers around the world, accurately interpreting the beauty of industrial connection with forward-looking technical reserves, complete product lines, and rich application experience. Born for convenience, KT40 & KT50 are an important embodiment of its pioneering spirit and continuous innovation. In the future, Weidmuller will continue to forge ahead on the road of technological innovation and exploration!

Post time: Apr-26-2024