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Weidmuller adds new products to its unmanaged switch family

Weidmuller unmanaged switch family

Add new members!

New EcoLine B Series Switches

Outstanding performance


The new switches have expanded functionality, including quality of service (QoS) and broadcast storm protection (BSP).

The new switch supports "Quality of Service (QoS)" functionality. This feature manages the priority of data traffic and schedules it between different applications and services to minimize transmission latency. This ensures that business-critical applications are always executed with high priority, while other tasks are automatically processed in order of priority. Thanks to this principle, the new switches comply with the Profinet conformance level A standard and therefore the EcoLine B series can be used in real-time industrial Ethernet networks such as Profinet.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the production line, in addition to high-performance products, a reliable and stable network is also crucial. EcoLine B-Series switches protect the network from "broadcast storms". If a device or application fails, a large amount of broadcast information floods the network, which may cause system failure. The Broadcast Storm Protection (BSP) feature detects and automatically limits excessive messages to maintain network reliability. This feature prevents potential network outages and ensures stable data traffic.


Compact size and durable


EcoLine B series products are more compact in appearance than other switches. Ideal for installation in electrical cabinets with limited space.

The matching DIN rail allows 90-degree rotation (only for this new product, contact Weidmuller Product Department for details). The EcoLine B series can be installed horizontally or vertically in electrical cabinets, and can even be easily installed in spaces close to cable ducts. inside.

The industrial metal shell is durable and can effectively resist impact, vibration and other effects, extending the service life of the equipment and minimizing downtime.

Not only can it achieve 60% energy saving, but it can also be recycled, reducing the overall operating cost of the electrical cabinet.

Post time: Jan-12-2024