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Wago’s new product, WAGOPro 2 power supply with integrated redundancy function

Whether in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive, process industry, building technology or power engineering, WAGO's newly launched WAGOPro 2 power supply with integrated redundancy function is the ideal choice for scenarios where high system availability must be ensured.


Integrated redundancy function makes system setup easier

At the above usage sites, an additional power supply is generally installed as a backup power supply. The new WAGOPro 2 power supply integrates MOFSET functionality, simplifying the creation of redundant power systems. Integrated decoupling MOSFETs prevent feedback in the power supply output that could short circuit. If one of the devices fails, the remaining power sources can keep the system running. Additionally, the range eliminates the need for separate redundancy modules, allowing for compact and cost-effective installations.

In a 1+1 redundant system, the load can be distributed between power supplies, but a single device can also support the total load to ensure that the device is not overloaded.


Advantages overview:

100% redundancy in the event of failure

No need for additional redundant modules, saving space

Use MosFETs to achieve decoupling and more efficiency

Realize monitoring based on communication module and make maintenance more efficient

In an n+1 redundant system, the load on each power supply can be increased, thereby increasing the utilization of a single device, resulting in better overall efficiency. At the same time, if one equipment power supply fails, n power supplies will take over the resulting additional load.

WAGO (4)

Advantages overview:

Power can be increased by parallel operation

Redundancy in the event of failure

Efficient load current sharing enables the system to work at its optimal point

Extended power supply life and more efficiency

The new function Pro 2 power supply integrates MOSFET function, realizing the two-in-one power supply and redundancy module, which saves space and facilitates the formation of a redundant power supply system, reducing wiring.



In addition, the fail-safe power system can be easily monitored using pluggable communication modules. There are Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, IOLink and EtherNet/IP™ interfaces to connect to upper-level control systems. Redundant 1- or 3-phase power supplies with integrated decoupling MOFSET, offering essentially the same technical advantages as the entire Pro 2 range of power supplies. In particular, these power supplies enable TopBoost and PowerBoost functions, as well as efficiencies up to 96%.



New model:




Post time: Apr-12-2024