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WAGO Lever family MCS MINI 2734 series suitable for small spaces


We affectionately call Wago's products with operating levers the "Lever" family. Now the Lever family has added a new member - the MCS MINI connector 2734 series with operating levers, which can provide a quick solution for on-site wiring. .


Product advantages

Compact design, excellent performance

Compact appearance, with a width of only 10mm, it is suitable for installation in small spaces or compact equipment. Suitable for all types of wires with cross-sectional area of 0.14-1.5mm² (26-14AWG), maximum current 10A, soldering pin spacing 3.5mm.


Tool-free wiring operation

Adopting push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology, single-strand and thin multi-strand wires with cold-pressed connectors can be directly inserted, the thin multi-strand wires can be connected through the operating lever, and all types of wires can be connected. Disassembly, easy manual wiring without using any tools for quick and intuitive wire connection


Automatic locking—easy to achieve secure connection

The 2734 series products have product types with locking cards, which can be easily locked and disconnected. They can be operated with one hand and easily overcome installation difficulties without occupying the side or losing the number of poles.


Series 2734 now offers compact double-layer 32-pole male socket

The double-row female connector is protected against mismating and must only be inserted in the intended direction. This allows "blind" plugging and unplugging when the installation location is difficult to access, or in installations with poor visibility.


The operating lever allows the female connector to be easily wired in the unmated state without tools. When plugging in connectors, the operating lever can also be easily operated from the front of the device. Thanks to the integrated push-in connection technology, users can directly plug in thin stranded conductors with cold-pressed connectors as well as single-stranded conductors.


Dual 16-pole for wider signal processing

Compact I/O signals can be integrated into the device front


Post time: Apr-19-2024