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Wago appears at SPS exhibition in Germany



As a well-known global industrial automation event and an industry benchmark, the Nuremberg Industrial Automation Show (SPS) in Germany was grandly held from November 14th to 16th. Wago made a wonderful appearance with its open intelligent industrial solutions to help partners and customers achieve green, smart and The goal of sustainable development is to face the future together.

Innovation without boundaries, open automation


Whether in control cabinets or for the infrastructure of production plants, WAGO meets its customers' needs for state-of-the-art open and simple mechanical engineering. Wank has always embedded innovation in the genes of corporate development. Whether it is the world's leading electrical connection technology or automation control and industrial interface fields, we have always been customer-centric, constantly improving product performance and quality, and providing appropriate intelligent solutions. plan.

At this exhibition, Wago's theme of "Facing the Digital Future" demonstrated that Wago strives to achieve real-time openness to the greatest extent possible and provide partners and customers with the most advanced system architecture and future-oriented technical solutions. For example, the WAGO Open Automation Platform offers maximum flexibility for all applications, seamless interconnection, network security and strong partnerships in the field of automation.

Booth Highlights


Intelligent networking of all components and connection of OT and IT;

Joint partner projects to achieve the best customer solutions;

Increase efficiency through data transparency and analytics.

At the exhibition, in addition to the above open intelligent industrial solutions, Wago also exhibited software and hardware products and system platforms such as the ctrlX operating system, WAGO solution platform, the new 221 wire connector green series, and the new multi-channel electronic circuit breaker.


It is worth mentioning that the German Industrial Study Tour team organized by the China Motion Control/Direct Drive Industry Alliance also organized a group visit to the Wago booth at the SPS exhibition to experience and convey the beauty of German industry on the spot.


Post time: Nov-17-2023