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Smart Logistics | Wago debuts at CeMAT Asia Logistics Exhibition


On October 24, CeMAT 2023 Asia International Logistics Exhibition was successfully launched at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Wago brought the latest logistics industry solutions and smart logistics demonstration equipment to the C5-1 booth of W2 Hall to discuss the infinite future of the logistics industry with the audience.

Customer-centered sharing of efficient logistics solutions


With the development of higher speed, larger scale and more precision, the requirements for logistics equipment itself will become higher and higher. Wank will rely on its time-tested innovative technology and rich product categories to bring reliable intelligent and intelligent solutions to its partners. Efficient logistics solutions. For example, warehouse/elevator solutions, AGV solutions, conveyor/sorting system solutions, and palletizer/stacker solutions attracted many on-site visitors to visit and communicate.

Wonderful keynote speech, smart logistics equipment attracts attention


At this exhibition, Wanko not only continued the on-site speech activities on different themes, but also displayed a smart logistics equipment demonstration model in the center of the booth. This equipment integrates WAGO electrical connection, automation control and industrial interface modules and other products as well as WAGO SCADA software applications. Through the interactive experience of placing an order on site and receiving free drinks, the audience can experience for themselves how logistics equipment can fully automatically realize material picking, The fully automatic intelligent closed-loop process of outbound and transportation attracted the participation and attention of many audiences.

On the occasion of CeMAT 2023, Wago sincerely invites logistics partners to combine Wago's rich experience in electrical connection and automation control to create a safer, more reliable, efficient and stable smart logistics solution, innovating without boundaries and achieving an unlimited future.

Post time: Oct-27-2023