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Rising against the trend, industrial switches are gaining momentum

In the past year, affected by uncertain factors such as the new coronavirus , supply chain shortages, and raw material price increases, all walks of life faced great challenges, but the network equipment and central switch did not suffer much impact. It is expected that the switch market will maintain a steady growth for the coming time
Industrial switching is the core of industrial interconnection. Switches, if divided according to the working environment, can be divided into enterprise-level switches and industrial-level switches. The former is used in office environments such as enterprises and homes, while the latter is mainly suitable for industrial environments with relatively harsh environments.


At present, the most widely used in the market is the industrial switch, and in the era of the Internet of Everything, it is also called the core of the industrial interconnection, so when talking about the switch, it generally refers to the industrial switch.
Industrial switches are a special type of switches ,compared to ordinary switches. They are generally suitable for industrial-grade environments with complex and changeable environments, such as uncontrollable temperature (no air conditioning, no shade), heavy dust, risk of rain, rough installation conditions and bad power supply environment, etc.


It is worth to note that in the application scenario of outdoor monitoring, industrial switches also need POE function. Because the outdoor monitoring industrial switch needs an external bolt or dome camera, and the environment is limited, it is impossible to install a power supply for these cameras. Therefore, POE can supply power to the camera through the network cable, which solves the problem of power supply. Now many cities use this kind of industrial switch with POE power supply.
In terms of domestic application market, electric power and rail transit are the key application fields of industrial switches. According to data, they have accounted for about 70% of the domestic market.
Among them, the electric power industry is the most important application field of industrial switches. As the industry continues to change towards intelligent, efficient, reliable and green development direction, the corresponding investment will continue to increase.
The transportation industry is the second largest application industry of industrial switch. In recent years, with the continuous increase of investment in high-speed railway and urban rail transit, as well as the further deepening of intellectualization and information technology in highway and other transportation fields, the industrial switch market in the transportation industry has maintained a sustained high-speed growth.


In the future, with the continuous advancement of industrial automation process and the continuous promotion of industrial Ethernet technology application, industrial switch will usher in greater development. From the technical point of view, real-time communication, stability and security are the focus of industrial Ethernet switch products. From the perspective of product, multi-function is the development direction of industrial Ethernet switch.
With the continuous development and maturity of industrial switch technology, the opportunities for switches will explode again. Xiamen Tongkong, as an agent of domestic and international famous brand industrial switches, such as Hirschmann, MOXA, must of course grasp the development trend and make preparations in advance.

Post time: Dec-23-2022