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Moxa’s EDS 2000/G2000 switch wins CEC Best Product Of 2023


Recently, at the 2023 Global Automation and Manufacturing Theme Summit co-sponsored by the China International Industrial Expo Organizing Committee and pioneer industrial media CONTROL ENGINEERING China (hereinafter referred to as CEC), Moxa's EDS-2000/G2000 series switches relied on its product design that is "small enough, smart enough, and powerful enough" With its performance advantages, it won the "CEC Best Product Of 2023"!


"Moxa's EDS-2000/G2000 series industrial unmanaged switches have a unique design in terms of heat dissipation, PCB layout and die-casting process, breaking the minimum size restrictions of existing industrial switches, making them only the size of an ordinary business card, allowing customers to fully enjoy The advantage of its lightweight size is that it can be easily installed in control cabinets or machines with limited space. At the same time, the switch adopts a one-piece die-casting process, demonstrating Moxa's insistence on high standards of quality and uncompromising design philosophy."

     —— CEC Editor-in-Chief, Shi Lincai

As an absolutely authoritative, influential and well-known selection event in the field of industrial control automation in China, the annual "CEC Best Product Award" has been successfully held for 19 times. Technically representative, iconic and milestone products are selected through readers' votes. products, providing users with decision-making guidance on technology upgrades and product purchases. In the 2023 selection, Moxa's EDS-2000/G2000 series industrial unmanaged switches can stand out from nearly 200 participating products, which is the industry's recognition of TA's strength.


Based on the flexible advantages of being lightweight and intelligent, Moxa's EDS-2000/G2000 series industrial unmanaged switches  can meet the communication needs of industrial fields such as energy storage, medical care, rail transit, and smart manufacturing. They also have an ultra-long mean time between failures (4.8 million hours) to ensure network stability and reliability and strong after-sales service. (5+1 warranty service), choose a non-network managed switch, it is enough!


Post time: Oct-13-2023