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Moxa’s connected devices eliminate the risk of disconnection

The energy management system and PSCADA are stable and reliable, which is the top priority.


PSCADA and energy management systems are an important part of power equipment management.

How to stably, quickly and safely collect underlying equipment to the host computer system has become the focus of integrators in industries such as rail transit, semiconductors, and medical and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, integrators need to establish reliable communication between equipment in switch cabinets.

Industrial protocol gateway + remote I/O, say goodbye to disconnections


With the development of the times, strict requirements have been put forward for the stability of PSCADA and energy management systems. For example, in the application of rail transit, especially when rail transit passes a station, it will cause great interference problems between equipment. This There are numerous shutdowns and packet losses caused during this period, and may even cause the rail PSCADA and energy management systems to shut down, causing serious consequences.

The system integrator selected Moxa's MGate MB3170/MB3270 series of industrial protocol gateways and Moxa's ioLogik E1210 series of remote I/O.

MGate MB3170/MB3270 is responsible for collecting the serial port part - such as the meter circuit breaker, etc., and IoLogik E1210 is responsible for collecting the IO in the cabinet.

MGate MB3170/MB3270 series industrial protocol gateway


Supports transparent conversion between Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols

● Configuration interface is simple and easy to use

● Serial port 2KV isolation protection optional

● Troubleshooting tools can be used to diagnose faults as needed

ioLogik E1210 Series Remote I/O


User-definable Modbus TCP Slave address

● Built-in 2 Ethernet ports, can establish a daisy chain topology

● Web browser provides easy settings

● Supports MXIO library for Windows or Linux and can be quickly integrated through C/CT+/VB

Post time: Nov-02-2023