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Marine industry | WAGO Pro 2 power supply

Automation applications in shipboard, onshore and offshore industries place extremely stringent requirements on product performance and availability. WAGO's rich and reliable products are well suited for marine applications and can withstand the challenges of harsh environments, as does WAGO's Pro 2 industrial power supply.


From the bridge to the engine room, a rich product line


WAGO's marine automation and offshore industry products can automate almost all applications from the bridge to the bilge. Whether it is propulsion control system automation, auxiliary and deck machinery or navigation and communication equipment, WAGO meets the specific requirements of each application. For example, products such as TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal blocks, WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 modules, industrial power supplies, network switches, relays, optocouplers, and analog signal conversion modules help realize ship automation and reliable electrical connections.


DNV-GL certification Sturdy and durable

In addition to the classification society certification requirements for the power supply, the ship control system also has strict requirements on the stability, temperature and failure time of the power supply.


The Pro 2 industrial regulated power supply series launched by WAGO has been extended to applications in the marine industry, easily meeting the challenges of extreme environments on board ships and offshore. For example, mechanical stress (such as vibration and shock) and environmental factors (such as humidity, heat or salt spray) can seriously degrade electrical and electronic equipment. WAGO Pro 2 power supply products have taken these factors into account, developed and passed DNVGL certification For products, customers can also choose a protective coating, and OVC III-compliant overvoltage protection can reliably protect the input from transient shocks.

Intelligent load management

WAGO Pro 2 switching regulated power supply can meet a variety of power supply needs. Its load management demonstrates intelligent features. Because it reliably powers your device while protecting it:

The maximum power boost function (TopBoost) can provide 600% output voltage for up to 15ms under short circuit conditions and safely trigger the thermal magnetic circuit breaker to achieve simple and reliable protection.

The power boost function (PowerBoost) can provide 150% output power up to 5m, which can quickly charge the capacitor and quickly switch the contactor. This setting ensures that the equipment can start reliably and have sufficient power supply during operation.

The electronic circuit breaker function (ECB) can easily use the WAGO Pro 2 power supply as a single-channel electronic circuit breaker through software to achieve equipment protection.


Pro 2 power supply with ORing technology


WAGO's product portfolio now includes the new Pro 2 power supplies with integrated ORing MOSFETs.

This integration replaces traditionally installed redundant modules. These modules are usually very costly and take up a lot of space in the control cabinet. Customers no longer need separate redundancy modules. The WAGO Pro 2 power supply with ORing MOSFET integrates all functions in one device while saving money, energy and space.


The compact yet powerful WAGO Pro 2 series power supplies have an efficiency of up to 96.3% and can perfectly convert energy. This coupled with dynamic voltage adjustment via PLC communication and intelligent load management results in unprecedented energy efficiency. WAGO's Pro 2 series of power supplies stand out with their reliable and precise power supply, extensive condition monitoring and the resulting stability of process and product quality, helping customers in the marine industry to face the various challenges of the future.


Post time: Jan-18-2024