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Harting New Products | M17 Circular Connector


The necessary energy consumption and current consumption are falling, and cross-sections for cables and connector contacts can also be reduced. This development needs new solution in connectivity.In order to make material usage and space requirements in connection technology suitable for the application again, HARTING is presenting circular connectors in size M17 at the SPS Nuremberg

Currently, circular connectors of size M23 serve the majority of connections for drives and actuators in industrial applications. However, the number of compact drives continues to rise due to improvements in drive efficiency and the trend towards digitization, miniaturization and decentralization. New, more cost-effective concepts also call for new, more compact interfaces.



M17 series circular connector

Dimensions and performance data determine Harting's M17 series of circular connectors to become the new standard for drives with powers up to 7.5kW and above. It is rated up to 630V at 40°C ambient temperature and has a current carrying capacity of up to 26A, providing very high power density in a compact and efficient driver.


Drives in industrial applications are continuously becoming smaller and more efficient..

The M17 circular connector is compact, rugged and combines high flexibility and versatility. The M17 circular connector has the characteristics of high core density, large current carrying capacity, and small installation space. It is very suitable for use in systems with limited space. The har-lock quick-locking system can be mated with the M17 quick-locking systems Speedtec and ONECLICK.

Figure: Internal exploded view of M17 circular connector


Key features and benefits

Modular system - create your own connectors to help customers achieve multiple combinations

One housing series meets power and signal application needs

Screw and har-lock cable connectors

The device side is compatible with both locking systems

Protection level IP66/67

Operating temperature: -40 to +125°C

Post time: Feb-07-2024