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Celebrating the official start of production of HARTING’s Vietnam factory

HARTING’s factory


November 3, 2023 - To date, the HARTING family business has opened 44 subsidiaries and 15 production plants around the world. Today, HARTING will add new production bases around the world. With immediate effect, connectors and pre-assembled solutions will be produced in Hai Duong, Vietnam in compliance with HARTING quality standards.

Vietnam factory


Harting has now established a new production base in Vietnam, which is geographically close to China. Vietnam is a country of strategic importance for Harting Technology Group in Asia. From now on, a professionally trained core team will start production in a factory covering an area of more than 2,500 square meters.

“Ensuring the high quality standards of HARTING’s products produced in Vietnam is equally important to us,” said Andreas Conrad, member of the Board of Directors of HARTING Technology Group. “With HARTING’s globally standardized processes and production facilities, we can assure our global customers that products produced in Vietnam will be Always high quality. Whether in Germany, Romania, Mexico or Vietnam – our customers can rely on HARTING product quality.

Philip Harting, CEO of the Technology Group, was on hand to inaugurate the new production facility.


“With our newly acquired base in Vietnam, we are establishing an important milestone in the economic growth region of Southeast Asia. By building a factory in Hai Duong, Vietnam, we are closer to our customers and produce directly on site. We are minimizing transportation distances and with this This is a way to document the importance of reducing CO2 emissions. Together with the management team, we have set the direction for HARTING’s next expansion.”

Attending the opening ceremony of Harting Vietnam Factory were: Mr. Marcus Göttig, General Manager of Harting Vietnam and Harting Zhuhai Manufacturing Company, Ms. Alexandra Westwood, Economic and Development Cooperation Commissioner of the German Embassy in Hanoi, Mr. Philip Hating, CEO of Harting Techcai Group, Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thúy Hằng, Vice Chairman of the Hai Duong Industrial Zone Management Committee, and Mr. Andreas Conrad, Member of the Board of Directors of HARTING Technology Group (from left to right)

Post time: Nov-10-2023