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Application Of Weidmuller Distributed Remote I/O In Lithium Battery Automatic Transmission Line

Lithium batteries that have just been packaged are being loaded into a roller logistics conveyor through pallets, and they are constantly rushing to the next station in an orderly manner.

The distributed remote I/O technology from Weidmuller, a global expert in electrical connection technology and automation, plays an important role here.


Fast and accurate digital high-speed


Lithium battery logistics conveyor line is a typical distributed automation application scenario, which needs to control various key points scattered on different logistics equipment and the entire roller/chain conveyor.

The UR20 remote I/O technology provided by Weidmuller, including field bus couplers and various DI/DO digital input and output modules, is responsible for the key tasks of collecting logistics conveyor line equipment and process data, and outputting execution signals. A vital automation core component, its fast accuracy and operational reliability are very important.

Utilizing the high-speed system bus Profinet, UR20 can update the status of 256 DI/DO points within 20μs. It has fast addressing capability and accurately maps the system process, which greatly improves the production turnover efficiency.

Small size, great convenience


Due to the relatively limited space in the lithium battery factory, the adoption of distributed I/O technology requires multiple different on-site control boxes, so the installation volume and modular design of I/O are important considerations. In the application of on-site cabinets and equipment, the ultra-thin design of the UR20 module and the reduction of the use of feeder modules can greatly save the space in the cabinet, and the tool-free installation saves installation time and costs. At the same time, the modular design and integrated web services also speed up the installation and configuration phase.

In terms of installation, the Weidmuller UR20 I/O system adopts the "PUSH IN" in-line wiring technology. The engineers of the logistics equipment manufacturer only need to insert the wires with tubular ends into the bottom of the crimping frame to complete the wiring. Compared with the traditional wiring method, it saves up to 50% of the time, and the single-row structure design can effectively reduce wiring errors, thereby reducing the startup time of equipment and systems.

As one of the cores of automated conveyor line applications, Weidmuller UR20 series I/O, with its fast and accurate response capability and design convenience, has brought a series of innovative values to the logistics expressway of new energy lithium battery factories. So as to become a reliable partner in this field.




Post time: May-06-2023